Kick start your 2015!

For the month of January, I am offering a 3 month program that will give you the confidence, motivation and support to achieve your New Year's health goals.  

Kick start 2015 - $330

This package includes one 60-minute initial assessment, six 30-minute (biweekly) follow-up appointments and one FREE 7-day meal plan.  This package is designed to give you optimal support and to keep you accountable as you work towards your health goals.

During the initial assessment, I will review and assess your health goals, nutrition habits, 3-day food record and gather all information necessary (medical history, exercise habits, dietary habits) to design an easy-to-follow nutrition plan based on your goals, needs, food preferences and lifestyle.

During follow-up appointments, I will assess your progress and provide feedback and suggestions to keep you on track as you work towards your goals.  This appointments are designed to motivate you and keep you accountable.

Your meal plan is individualized to your energy and nutrient requirements, and food preferences.  Every meal plan includes healthy recipes and a weekly grocery list, containing every food and ingredient needed to follow the meal plan.