About Erin McDougall, MScFN, RD

I am a Registered Dietitian; I love food, and I love talking about food!  I am passionate about teaching people how food can nourish our bodies and its effects on our health.

My Philosophy

Healthy eating is not about adhering to a strict diet.  Nor is it about following the latest fad diet.  It is about a long-term, sustainable healthy food pattern with food choices that fit your needs, lifestyle and taste preferences.  There are so many healthy and delicious foods - I am eager to help you discover which foods work for you.  I also want to emphasize that all foods can be a part of a healthy diet.  I like to indulge every so often and I want you to, as well.  Healthy eating is about balance and moderation.

A healthy lifestyle and healthy eating is a journey.  There is no single formula that will lead you to success; it is a process of trial and error and learning what works best for you, and I am here to support you along the way.

I believe that mealtime should be enjoyable.  Mealtime and food are so much more than nourishment for our bodies; it is a time for families to connect with one another and where traditions (both old and new) are created around the table.

I believe that the the focus should be placed on you, the client, and your goals and desired behaviour changes.  This gives you a greater sense of control and satisfaction with your nutrition plan.


I have spent the last 3.5 years operating my home-based private practice, helping clients achieve their health goals.  This has included helping clients achieve and maintain a healthy weight, learning to manage a chronic health condition, eating on a budget, meal planning and creating a healthy lifestyle for clients and their families.

I spent the previous four years developing and implementing a food-focused, healthy living program for adults with disabilities.  The program goals were to promote independence while improving participants' nutrition knowledge and their confidence to make healthy choices.  

I also have experience with:

  • prevention and treatment of chronic diseases
  • family nutrition
  • grocery shopping and budgeting
  • recipe development and modification
  • cooking 

Credentials & Memberships

Registered Dietitian, College of Dietitians of Ontario

Member of: Dietitians of Canada

Master of Science (Foods & Nutrition), University of Western Ontario

Bachelor of Science (Nutrition), Acadia University

Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology), McMaster University